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You can't make informed business decisions without clean data.  We analyze your systems and create a project roadmap to get you going in the right direction. 

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Got Problems?  No worries!  We'll take the wheel and get them fixed for you.  Our historical cleanups and foundational work will help you get a handle on your numbers and your business.  ;)

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This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.  Stream-lined systems, real-time dashboards and smart analytics help you see through the finance maze.  Simply, financals done right. 


Find out how we can help you.


Learn Our Proven System

It’s estimated that 90% of canna businesses are not doing their accounting correctly. Yikes!


Pitching to investors? Raising money? Want a bank account? We prioritize investor ready financials from Day #1. Setting yourself up with a strong finance function will earn you more at exit.


Let us handle the heavy lifting. With our systems and process every step of your financial processes will be accounted for and streamlined.


Know you’re doing it right. We pull our growth strategy process from some of the best minds in the business. There’s no fluff here.


You can’t make good business decisions if you don’t know your numbers in real time. Get access to our real time dashboards customized specifically for your business needs.


Can’t find the right finance people? No problem. We’ve got you covered. We can train your staff or bring your bookkeeping and accounting in-house.


Get your team on the same page and have a bird’s eye view. When the IRS comes knocking — have every penny mapped so audits are a breeze.

 How We’re Different


Entrepreneurs are typically great at creating awesome products. But not necessarily great at scaling a company. Growing is a separate skill set. Getting all the pieces to fit together in a seamless way — that’s where we come in. We’re not just your average number crunchers. We’re there with you, in the trenches, helping bring your vision to life. #TeamWork


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In our Discovery Call, we’ll collect some important information about you, your company and your goals. This will help us in mapping out a plan and strategy for your business.


Once we gather all the necessary information from you, one of our senior accountants will review it and start to map out a game plan for your company.

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strategy session

Our initial strategy sessions are free. We try to leave every business we touch a bit better than how we found it. You’ll leave our session with a little something to take away that you can start implementing in your business right away, even if you don’t choose to work with us going forward.

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